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The road to Tobkal : the Kasbah, an irresistible stop over
4 août, 2006, 3:58
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Thousand people visit Toubkal mountain every year. It’s the highest mountain in the North Africa ( 4116 m) and is easy to climb to the summit. The climb is like high way, according to guides.

To do this trip, you have to arrive first at Issni village and after to Aoumlil village, a nice small village at the foot of Tobkal.

From Aoumlil, only human and animals can continue the climb. Mohammed, officiel guide of Kasbah, will take care of your baggage and accompagny you to climb to the big entrance door of the Kasbah which takes 15 mn of walk. The scenery is magnificent : flowers, spring water, a tower, and morrocan salon.

Abdessamade, the young manager of the Kasbah, welcomes you with smail, a bowl of milk, date and rose water; symbols of  welcom and frindeship. 

The rooms are confortable, neat and tidy : sheets, Djellaba ( a traditionnel dress very warm for going out in the evening ), a desk on which you find stamped cards, fruits, tea and coffee.
In the drower, you can find a selection of books.

Before eating dinner which Brahim, the super cook of the Kasbah, proposes, you have to do a traditional hammam. A traditional bath where water is warmed by traditional way : by wood. The temperature can reach 60C.  Be attention, the water is very hot. You can have a traditionnel massage. Just ask.

To accompany your reading before sleeping,  you can go to the CD library to borrow a music CD.
You find various kinds of music : gipsy, Ravi Chankar, ….
At 5 : 00 a.m., you take your breakfast and you contninue your climb to the summit of Toubkal.

Good luck!

MarocJapon A lover of the Kasba

For a virtual visit of the Kasbah : www.discover.ltd.uk  

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  1. Biba

    What a great pleasure to see this blog realized! Bravo!

    It’s a good idea to share this article about a wonderful place in Toubqual. I myself appreciated stays there and I fell in love with the natural decoration and the hospitality of the people.

  2. marocjapon

    Thank you My dear it is the first comment which I receive on this blog. I wish you good day.

  3. fouad

    je suis très enchanté d’étre parmi les premiers qui decouvrent ce blog. je suis fier de votre amitié et je vous encourage pour le reste de vos projet .
    je dirai que ca renforce en nous l’appartenance al a race humaine tout ce brassage des cultures;bravo.

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